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The Public Comment Period is open until May 10th. Please send a comment to the Town of Victor stating how the Environmental Assessment (EA) is flawed and the impacts this 8 foot stonedust highway (like the photo) will have on this unique sensitive environment,  and on your use and enjoyment of this natural area.

In order to be considered, comments have to be substantive, that is, address specific issues in the EA. We've offered several options to help in your letter writing. 

Sending Your Letters                     DEADLINE May 10, 2010

Please Reference in Subject Line:
Auburn Trail Extension PIN 4760.35 - Environmental Assessment

E-mail:  Town Clerk & Project Coordinator
(This link also copies us.)

Include the sentence:
"Please include this letter in the project record for the Environmental Assessment."

Tips and Ideas for Composing your Letters:

Write Your Own
Your past comments were well written from your personal perspectives and spoke eloquently on many issues. Individual letters are by far the most effective.

Use Our Letters  
We've provided sample letters that address specific points. 
(Samples at right, downloadable files below.)
  • Print one out, sign the bottom and mail.  
  • Download a Letter, personalize it, mail or e-mail.
  • Borrow points from these letters in crafting your own letter.
  • Cut-n-paste points from these letters into your e-mail.

Sample Letters

Environmental Impact

Public Input

User Impact

Auburn RRMSEA,
Apr 24, 2010, 1:13 PM
Auburn RRMSEA,
Apr 24, 2010, 1:14 PM
Auburn RRMSEA,
Apr 24, 2010, 1:15 PM