Victor's Proposal and Our Compromise

Victor's Proposal - A 10' crushed stone superhighway to replace an attractive and desirable foot wide footpath is being proposed by the Town of Victor.  They are recommending an 8' wide stone-dust trail, with one foot graded stone shoulders (that is - 10' in total of crushed stone)  area on both sides, for the Railroad Mills section, where currently there is a 1' wide footpath through a narrow linear meadow (photo at right). 
The  Town's proposal will have a negative and substantial impact on the plants and animals and will likely  impact the wetlands along both sides of the trail. 

Victor's proposed plan would:
  • Eliminate ALL of linear meadow habitat that is used by birds and butterflies.  
  • Have the potential to harm NYS threatened plants and "special concern animals."
  • Eliminate the "wilderness feeling" and natural aesthetic value that many users comment favorably about. (See Trail Users)
  • Create a safety issue to both human and animal users by encouraging increased bicycle speeds (proposed trail is rated for 15 mph) on the narrow corridor.
  • Open the door for motorized vehicles and horses, despite rules to the contrary, as has occurred on other completed parts of the Auburn trail.
Victor's plan is NOT what current users 
and the majority of the public want to see in the 
Railroad Mills Special Environmental Area.


Our Compromise - The Coalition recommends, instead, that the Town preserve RRMSEA, and highlight it as a unique natural destination for its residents and visitors.  The trail should not be widened more than the 3' width that is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Coalition offers the volunteer services of its experts to work with the Town Supervisor to get an exception from the grant administrators to treat RRMSEA differently and work with the Town to develop the area into a showcase destination for nature preservation and interpretation.
  • Assist with Environmental Assessment
  • Provide expertise to help develop Design Exception
  • Create Interpretive Signs and Educational Programs
  • Make existing Website a Showcase for this unique asset to Victor
  • Trail Maintenance - mowing and invasive species control
This compromise will preserve the unique environment and its countless creatures.  It will allow current users and future generations to continue to enjoy Victor's little known gem.  We consider this a win-win proposition.

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