Coalition Vision for a Model Trail Section

IV. Design and Implementation Recommendations 
for Recommended Alternatives 

By preserving the unique environment in RRMSEA, and the desires of most trail users, there is an added benefit to the town: an opportunity to develop this unique section of trail into an environmental education showcase of biodiversity for children and adults.  The Coalition members have expertise and experience in these areas, and offer to partner with the Town in this exciting endeavor.

The Coalition does not have the engineering capability of a design firm, so rather than creating eye-catching graphics, we would like to put some key design ideas in writing. We would like to work with the engineer, and its designers, to create graphic representations of the following design suggestions.
  • Signage delineating the Railroad Mills Special Environmental Area. These signs would be at both the north and the south ends of RRMSEA, and will inform users that they are entering the special environmental area.  At the north end, by Probst Road, a sign would be located just inside the current gate.  At the south end the recommended location is where the trail, continuing north from the culvert, leaves the woodland and enters the area where there are open wetlands on both sides.
  • Slow bicycle speeds are recommended in RRMSEA, to encourage people to travel slowly and appreciate the special environmental features of the area.
  • Interpretive kiosks or signage, located at wider areas at 2 or 3 locations, at appropriate intervals within the 3000’ area.  These would also serve as passing places.  We have specific locations to recommend. It is important to note that besides being able to safely pass on the grass, as is done today, these areas would provide additional, wider, locations for safe passing within the 3000’ stretch.
  • Rustic benches to be sited at the kiosks.
  • Consideration may be given to additional passing spaces – precise location to be determined at site to avoid direct or indirect impact to threatened or other significant species.
  • Mowing the linear meadow will be assisted by Coalition volunteers – with attention to timing and protection of significant species.
  • Assistance with environmentally friendly techniques for invasive species management by the Coalition.
  • The use, and modification of our website,  into an even more outstanding educational resource for the Victor schools and community.  The website is a source of excellent information on local flora, fauna, and geology.
  • The Coalition offers to lead interpretive walks for the town and its organizations.
  • The Coalition offers to work with the Victor schools and teachers, to help develop the use of the area for field studies, in coordination with grade-level curricula.  A great deal of published research recognizes the broad benefits to children of safe, hands-on learning experiences in natural environments.  Because of the biodiversity, and the unique ‘nature up close’ experience, this section of trail can offer children a tremendous experiential learning opportunity.

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