A Vision for a Model Trail Section
Recommendations for Trail Width
For the 3000' section of Auburn Trail in the 
Railroad Mills Special Environmental Area 

Meet Project Objectives 
Protect the Sensitive Environment 
Develop a Showcase Area for Environmental Education 
Support User Preference 

April 2009

Executive Summary
[Excerpt] In this paper the Coalition presents its vision for the area of concern in the Auburn Trail Extension Project: the 3000’ linear stretch of trail between Probst Road nearly to the damaged culvert, known as the Railroad Mills Special Environmental Area (RRMSEA). We have recommended design alternatives that best meet the project objectives, while also protecting the sensitive environment, supporting stated user preference, and developing the section into a unique, showcase area for environmental education.
I. The Rationale for a Design Exception For a Narrower Trail Width
User Preference, Environmental Impact, Projected Future Use
II. Comparison of the Alternatives - 4 alternatives considered
III. Consideration of Frequently Mentioned Concerns
Accessibility, Safety, Connectivity
IV. Design and Implementation Recommendations for Recommended Alternatives 
V. Summary & Credentials

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