Trail Comparison Photos

See for yourself the completed  Auburn Trail in Victor - 10' width - designed by a consultant who is a "highway engineer" - i.e. roadbuilders calling themselves trail planners.  

Is this a "trail" or a road?

The Railroad Mills Section as it looks today (views from 2 different sections)
The trail runs on a historic raised railroad bed, built over 150 years ago.


Let your voice be heard. We encourage those who want to protect the environment and 
maintain the natural feel of the current trail to let the Trail Planners know.

The Coalition compromise: an ADA-compliant 3 ft width.  Although this compromise has some environmental impact, we believe it best meets the needs of most users, and will allow the project to move forward. 

It is 2010 - the Coalition has been offering this compromise since 2006.   To date the Town Board  has been unwilling to honestly consider it.  We believe this option could be a 'win-win', end the controversy, and move the project forward.


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